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10 Ex-BBNaija Housemates That Went Broke Despite The Fame From The Show



Efe bbnaija
Apart from winning the grand prize, another reason contestants love to be in the show is for fame. Big brother is a reality show and at the moment in the house, contestants will inevitably be famous.
But what we find intriguing is that it’s not all about fame and fan base outside the house, but it’s about having money, connection and sustainability of the fame acquired.
Here is a list of former housemates that went broke after fame.
1.  Ella
Season four housemate, Ella while in the house displayed awesome singing skills. We thought after the house she would have released an album or a single. However, we are still on the wait.
2. Tuoyo
Pepper Dem Big Brother edition housemate, Tuoyo before the house was a professional stripper, however, since after the house we are still yet to come to terms with what he does for a living and what he doesn’t do. However, we believe that Touyo needs to double his hustle.
3. Jeff
The handsome, cool and collected Jeff was a contestant on the Pepper Dem big brother Naija edition. Since the eviction, Jeff has not been seen in big gigs. Several persons have assumed that he has gone broke.
4. Coco ice
The fierce coco ice way back since the season 2 edition of the Big Brother Naija show came to fans while in the house like a real hustler, more like a ‘street must pay’ housemate, however, we cannot say if truly she is one that hustles and get paid.  
5. Efe
Efe Money as he was fondly called while he graced the  ‘See Gobe’ edition of Big Brother show came out victorious as he won the grand prize as the winner of the show. However, after releasing his ‘hit’ single, Based On Logistics, we haven’t heard him that much and we await the release of a new hit song. Rumours have it that Efe has spent all his money and gone broke.
6. Somadina
Fine boy Somadina, though has always graced our screens in a few soap operas, people still say he has gone broke and has never featured in one hit Blockbuster since his exit from the ‘See Gobe’ season.
7. Gifty
Actress, Gifty who was one of the housemates from the season 2 Big Brother edition has been off the lime night, not because she chooses to go on a low key but because she has no hot deal yet. We await the return of the beautiful gifty to fame and money.
8. Dee-One
Dee-One was a contestant of the Big Brother season 3 edition. Dee-one displayed some skills and expressed he was a comedian and would love to venture into stand up comedy. But we haven’t seen the ex-housemate doing what he knows how to do best in a lucrative manner. 
9. Bitto
The eloquent Bitto from the ‘double wahala’ edition of big brother Naija show is nowhere to be found in the spotlight. We hope he found his part and he’s making waves his way.
10. Thin Tall Tony
Thin Tall Tony the dancer was a contestant at the Big Brother season 2 show. He brought lots of drama and thrill to the house that people thought he would have won the show. What we find fascinating is that after the show Thin Tall Tony went on the low.