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Actress Adunni Adewale Speaks About Sleeping With Directors For Movie Role



Actress, Adunni Adewale has spoken about her personal life and adventure into Nollywood.

The star also cleared the air on directors sleeping with actresses for movie roles.

She said no director has ever slept with her for any role.

Speaking in a recent interview with BBC News Yuroba, Adunni Ade made several revelations about her career and personal life.

She opened up that she knows few people that have engaged in the act for movie roles.

Speaking about her childhood and how she entered the movie industry and her passion.

According to her, she did not have the aspiration of being a doctor or a banker as many children but rather had an interest in the entertainment sector.

“I never thought of becoming a doctor or a banker when I was growing up. I had more passion for entertainment than any other sector. I started my modeling when I was an undergraduate student at University”.

Adunni Ade further spoke about her challenges in the entertainment industry.

According to her, adopting proverbs for acting. Adunni Ade is one of the female actresses who has received a lot of awards.

She also advised actors and actresses to stay focused on their careers.