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Bill gates buys N233B yacht with swimming pool, helipad and gym

The world’s second richest man has decided to shed off some of his wealth on some luxury item. And this one is quite luxurious.

The billionaire founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has just bought the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht that is worth around $644m (N233,772,000,000) which has a large pool, helipad, spa, and gym.
The Guardian reports that the Microsoft co-founder commissioned the ship, a-112-meter long vessel that is powered by hydrogen. The ship’s design was created with a kind of technology that will allow it sail well in waters.

The yacht was designed by a Dutch, Sander Sinot, and showcased at the Monaco yacht show in 2019. Inspiration behind the ship according to the designer was taken from the fluidity of water and the lifestyle of a forward-looking owner.

Bill gates will not however be able to board the ship anytime soon as it is set to hit the open seas in 2024. Whenever it does, the ship will travel 3,750 miles before it stops for a refuel. Added to that, the ship will be running 20mph. The aqua-machine also has a diesel back up because there is presently a scarcity of hydrogen.