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BIOGRAPHY: Milly K Speaks On His Career And Life

Nationality : Nigerian

Real Name: Nicholas Eguvwese

Stage Name : Milly K

Social Media : Instagram

Emerging music star Eguvwese Nicholas , better known by his stage name, MILLY K is poised to carve a space for himself in the vibrant Nigerian music industry. The youngster’s latest track, 4LIFE which is a slow afropop fusion is currently gaining momentum on various music playlists across the nation. In this chat with Aprokonaija, MILLY K speaks about his life and music.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I grew up in Effurun, Delta state, the first child in a family of three. I had a musical background from making music with my peers back in secondary school.Growing up wasn’t all that fun, I do have a story to tell just like everyone but it’s been all by God’s grace.

I’m versatile across all genres, I can rap and sing effortlessly to a given beat and that’s one unique thing about me. I’ve been making music since I was 14 due to having a studio nearby which gave me access to all the tools I needed. I honed my skills through all these years, everything happened so fast. Through this period I had unofficial singles released but my first official single came with No more in November 2018., I followed it up with 4LIFE

What inspires you to make music?

My upbringing, the things around me, what’s happening in general and things I imagine in my head play a big part in the music I make.

Your track ”4LIFE “ is quite a hit, how do you plan on following up that success?

I didn’t really expect the song to turn out well as it did. It had no prior PR plan, I just wanted to put out something because it’s been a while I released a song but I’m glad it’s been well received.

And I don’t really like disclosing my plans before letting the public know. I’ve got an EP and a lot of recorded songs to put out because I am tired of listening to them alone. I wanted to put them out but the pandemic affected a lot of things, so before the year runs out, I hope to put them all out and I pray everything gets back to normal. The visuals to “CREDIT ALERT “should be out soon.

In an industry saturated with new artists, what do you plan on doing differently?

In the industry there’s space for everyone besides I’ve created my own sound with my own listeners, my personality and my sound will distinguish me.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Touring the world, spreading good music and positivity, going mainstream. There’s a lot I imagine and I believe they will happen in due time and within five years I should be at the top already, that’s inevitable.

What are your biggest challenges so far?

That has to be balancing my schooling and the music business. I’m a medical student at that so combing both sometimes is so tasking and stress full, and never to forget am an independent artiste at that.

If you could change anything about the Nigeria music industry, what would it be?

It definitely has to be the stereotype with emerging artists, nobody
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself, that is not related to your work
I am a medical laboratory science student at university of Benin, not a lot of people know that I can make prints on clothes and artworks, and I like food also!