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BUSTED: Married Woman Shares Her WhatsApp Conversation With Her Husband’s Friend



Na wa o! Fidelity in matrimony is a task many try to not to fall short from as an instance of unfaithfulness could wreck any relationship no matter how strongly built it is.

While many try to remain faithful to their partners in marriage, there are many others who would not just let them be.
Sometimes, these temptations come in different forms of friends, materials, money or in anything that compensates for whatever our partner lacks.

A conversation between a woman and her husband’s friends while the man is away shows that the temptation that sometimes breaks relationships are those who are very close to us.

As seen in the screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation, a man asks his friends wife if he could come se*ually give her comfort since her husband is not around.
When the woman frankly throws out the proposition, asking the man what he meant by his request and his fake show of hospitality, the man quickly said he was just testing her level of faithfulness to his friend.

The woman, clearly disgusted by the conversation, stopped replying his chats and left the man in awkward situation where he had to quickly beg that the woman keep the conversation between them a secret.