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Chinese Company Locks Nigerian Workers Inside Premises In Ogun State.

A yet-to-be identified Chinese company in Ogun State has detained its Nigerian workers inside its premises, refusing to allow them leave despite a stay-at-home order that was given by President Buhari in Lagos, Ogun and Federal Capital Territory in an effort to curb the spread of the disease in the country.

In a video shared on twitter, the aggrieved workers could be seen protesting their fate inside the Chinese factory located at the Ibese area of Ogun State.

Twitter user, @Wilfredshady while sharing the video, wrote

Nigerian youths protesting against a Chinese company (Goodwill ceramics) in Ogun Guangdong Free trade zone Igbesa. We were held inside the company for 14 days of the lockdown without proper feeding and they’re now asking us to leave without giving us anything.