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Homeless Man Caught On Camera Beating Up And Robbing Good Samaritan Of Nearly $1,500⁠



In what will come across as a really startling development, a surveillance video has shown a homeless man attacking and robbing a Good Samaritan who tried to cover him with his coat.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning, Jan. 12, on a Midtown sidewalk in New York.

A 59-year-old man, while walking along the road, saw Xavier Israel, 25, who was laying on a sidewalk in front of 476 5th Ave.?

The victim tries covering Israel with his jacket but Israel leaps to his feet and attacks the Good Samaritan then steals his wallet from his pocket.

Further into the video, you can see the victim tries in vain to grab his wallet, but the suspect hits him and throws him to the ground.?

Police arrested Israel shortly after he fled the scene on West 41st St. and 5th Ave.

They recovered nearly $1,500 from Israel after witnesses told them he stuffed cash inside his pants.?

According to sources, Israel was charged with assault, robbery, and grand larceny.?