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Human AI, Jadrolita receives a car gift on her birthday



A few weeks after gifting herself a car, famous human AI robot, Jadrolita, otherwise known as Jarvis, receives a car gift for her birthday.


News reported on December 2023 that the TikTok star acquired herself a car a black sedan car.


Jadrolita, who celebrated her birthday two days back, received another car from her manager as a birthday gift.


Sharing a photo of her new vehicle on her Instagram page, she congratulated herself on yet another car and sent her appreciation to her manager for the present.


She also expressed her gratitude to everyone for their birthday greetings and presents, saying that they meant the world to her.


She wrote: “Congratulations to me on yet another car 🥰❤️ A wonderful birthday gift from my manager @emmalionme @aisohub to me🥰. Thank you so much boss 🙏🏻🥰. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, it means everything to me❤️”