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If A Woman Truelly Loves You She Won’t Bill You Unnecessary



woman that genuinely likes you won’t bill you unnecessarily – Man says


A man simply known as Adetola, has weighed into the trending topic of financial responsibilities in relationships.
According to him, if a woman likes a man genuinely she would not choke him with bills and demands unnecessarily.
He also noted that sometimes men bring problems upon themselves when they intentionally date gold diggers only to end up complaining later.
The young man added that a similar concept applies to men as they would want to spend on a woman they genuinely like.

Taking to Twitter, Adetola wrote;
”What I know is, women that like you genuinely won’t bill you unnecessarily, I can’t overstretch this.
Niggas would date obvious gold diggers and be complaining about them not actually liking them on the long run, what did you expect g?
Same way when if you like a babe you won’t mind spending on her.