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Meet Mom Married And Living Together With Her Two Husbands (Photos)



Polyandry is not a word many people are familiar with because it is very rare to see a woman practicing it. But that is exactly what a woman from Maumee, Ohio is currently enjoying.

Alexia Shrout, 31 from Maumee, Ohio is living her dreams after marrying her two husbands – Doug Shrout, 33, and Jacob Shrout-Mchaffie, 30. The trio live together with their three children.

Polyandry is a form of relationship in which a woman is married to two husbands at the same time.

Alexia who works as a professional body piercer has been in a relationship with Doug for 15 years before they both agreed to accommodate Jacob eight years ago.

It all started when Alexia met Jacob and fell in love with him while still with her husband. She still love her husband, she decided not to lose the two men.
According to her, when she realized that she was falling in love with Jacob, she confided in her husband.

‘Doug was like: “All right as long as you still love me fully then let’s see if we can make this work” – that’s how it got started,’ she explained to Barcroft.
The three lovers said their vows together after marrying in July of 2016 in front of a hundred family and friends.

Revealing how the kids handled the issue, Alexia said:
‘When Jake decided to join our family we had a family meeting and discussed with the kids our situation. The only thing that has not been discussed with our kids is our intimacy behind closed doors.’

The three together are now raising their three children: Skyler, 14, Donovan, 11 and their one-year-old baby girl Tegan.
Two of the sons biologically belong to Doug, while the identity of their daughter’s father remains a secret.

‘We don’t want any favoritism,’ Alexia said. ‘We want all of our children and dads to be equal.
‘Our kids were older when Jake came into our lives. So they just call Jake by his first name. Doug is their biological father so obviously he is called Dad.
‘Tegan will be calling both of them Dad. They were both there in the delivery room while I was giving birth.’

Skyler said: ‘I got three parents, I don’t really think of my step-dad as my full on dad but that’s it.’
Donovan added: ‘I just think of them like a normal family.’
Although the family confirmed that things haven’t been that easy as people are always curious to ask questions, but they have coped well with all that came their way.

‘It was a little tough; some family members obviously were not on board,’ Alexia explained
Jacob added: ‘Most of the time it was really hard for my mum to accept it right away. She honestly thought that it was going to fail.
‘My dad thought that this was a joke and he was like, “Oh he will come back”. They are just so old-school you know.’
The three lovers are living happily and enjoying their home.