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Mixed reactions as lady caught her dad with his girlfriend at an eatery on her mom’s birthday (VIDEO)



Nigerian lady identified as @estherokoh216 has taken to social media to share how her father put on an act after he was caught with his girlfriend at an eatery on her mom’s birthday.

In a video shared on TikTok, the lady disclosed that they had gone to celebrate her mum’s birthday at a notable eatery when she spotted her dad and his girlfriend in the same eatery.

She captioned the video,

#😅😂😅😂 imagine having a dad that spends only on outsiders and doesn’t give two hoots about his family.

Revealing in the video, her father and his girlfriend could be seen in the background placing an order at the food counter. She noted that her father pretended not knowing his family upon sighting them.

She explained that his girlfriend was authoritative as she kept commanding their fearful father in the eatery, although , he informed them of being broke at home.

As the video continue to make rounds on social media, netizens have flooded the comment section, stating reasons why some children refuse to cater for their fathers. Many reproached the young lady for shaming her father on social media while others advised they should have caused a scene at the eatery