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MUST READ FOR ALL ARTISTE: Lessons To Learn From YBNL Olamide And Lyta’s Case



Lyta‘s case is saddening especially as someone who’s not up to 20 years facing such a huge pressure and a bit of negative attention on his career right now.
Right or wrong, Lyta probably took the best step he thought was good for his career. And now, everyone’s turned against him.
But what lessons can upcoming artistes learn from the case of Lyta?
Below are some lessons carved out of the Lyta-YBNL brouhaha that we thought might be helpful to up & coming artistes out there;

1. If Anyone Wants To Invest In Your Career, Let There Be A Written Agreement

Let’s assume Olamide helped Lyta and shot two videos for him for free, there should have been a written agreement between him and Lyta.
This way, it checks Lyta in position and prevent any childishness acts Lyta might have exhibited towards Olamide that we don’t know of and secondly, it will makes Olamide to be truly committed to Lyta’s career.
But reverse happened, seeing his career has stalled, no single yet this year, Lyta thought to leave as Olamide wasn’t really ready to help.

2. Decide On The Sharing Ratio Of Performance Fees And Royalties.

A lot of sources out there say bulks of the performance fees and royalties goes to Olamideand Lyta barely receives any income either as a performing act or the profit that comes in when people buy and stream his music on digital stores.
That’s sad. And it would have been averted if he had signed a contract. At least the sharing ratio would have been discussed and settled but the Time crooner, Lyta is in a loss.
His sweat, time and hard work aren’t to his own benefit. Someone somewhere is reaping all these. Heartbreaking.

3. Get A Good Manager
For me, Lyta‘s manager should take a part of the blame in this case.

Let’s even assume Lyta is a novice, a new entrant in the Industry, his manager should have at least fronted for him and argued on his side.
His manager should have ensured he had a contract, the sharing ratio was right and above all made sure YBNL’s prestige and clout benefited Lyta at least for his music career. A good manager would have ensured all this to Lyta’s benefit.

4. Make Sure The Label Terms Are Favorable

If eventually, you end up having an agreement either verbal or written with the label head, let it favor you.
Let’s assume there was a verbal agreement between Lyta and Olamide, he later got restricted to releasing any songs.
He wasn’t on the YBNL Mafia Album, his last single, Self Made was 8 months ago, perhaps he’s restricted from collaborating with any artist and to be factual, Lyta is not even in any conversation as he’s not been active on the music scene.
If at all as an upcoming artiste you’re going to sign any contract or have any agreement with any record label, let it favour you because the label is investing so they can profit and you also should profit too.

5. Lastly, Don’t Sign To A Record Label Where An Artiste Is The CEO

Yeah, you heard that. But what of DMW where the CEO is an artiste, you might wonder?
DMW has a structure, there are people assigned to each artistes to manage them but at YBNL and other labels where an artiste is the CEO, might probably face difficulties like availability of funds and maybe restricted to do so.
Perhaps, Olamide couldn’t afford to invest in the careers of so many artistes when his own career has to be invested in also.

Don’t be too in haste to sign a record deal, must time all these Record Label na scam!!!