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Naira Marley Vs Ruggedman: How Nigerians Reacted To Attack On Rapper



Reactions have trailed the attack on Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman, by hoodlums at an undisclosed restaurant in London, United Kingdom.

It was reported that Ruggedman was attacked on Friday night by hoodlums at an undisclosed restaurant in London.

According to a video posted on his official Instagram page, the hoodlums were seen slamming the restaurant’s furniture on the singer’s body.

Speaking on the incident, Ruggedman stated that the attack will not stop him from fighting for the youths.

But reacting, Nigerians on social media berated Naira Marley fans for the alleged assault while others claimed Ruggedman could have staged the attack for publicity stunt.

Here are some comments DAILY POST gathered on Twitter:

@Emmah199x, “ I watched my guy get scammed of 272k yesterday, a Nigerian in Nigeria.Those little pieces of dogshit will say they are doing internet fraud to get back the money Americans stole from us. Ruggedman spoke up against them and got beaten.What’s even wrong with us.”

@BolaAde11, “So Ruggedman got attacked by touts in London for speaking up against someone publicly defending yahoo yahoo.This just proves the nature of our moral compass and how people have grown accustomed to unscrupulous acts as the norm.”

@oluwafemisosa, “That Naira Marley even has fans is a disgrace in the first place. Then some of them now had the audacity to beat up Ruggedman because he spoke against yahoo yahoo.”

@Zaddy_nomso, “When Ruggedman speaks against Politicians Looting & Police Brutality he is the Friend of the Youths but when he speaks against Fraudsters he is an enemy of the Youths. Youths suddenly want him to mind his business as nobody is Holy.The Hypocrisy Stinks.”

@sirleodasilva, “Just seeing the video of Ruggedman getting beat up. Let me tell you all this for free, as youths, until we start promoting and giving attention to the truth, justice and hard work, this country will never move forward. It’s not a curse, just facts.”

@Adisa_flakky, “Ruggedman rescued by London police when Naira Marley followers attacked him at a restaurant for openly condemning Internet fraud in Nigeria.Naira Marley is still wanted by Lewisham Police, United Kingdom. I hope those thugs are arrested before dawn.”

@UMEHoma, “The video where they allegedly beat Ruggedman and the one he later released saying he’s fine does not balance well. With the kind of planking he received, he should be wearing the bandage Lazarus wore out of the tomb.This a publicity stunt, period!”

@lamlloalade, “From my perspective, 1. Ruggedman uploaded the video on his IG by himself. 2. According to that video, no matter what you wouldn’t be looking unscathed even if you’re Jackie Chan3. How will they beat someone and the next hour you’re in your bed saying you’re alright?”

@theboyishreat, “I just believe we need to stop over exaggerating this Naira Marley and Ruggedman issue, I watch both videos, the fight and Ruggedman appreciation to his fan.
Their is absolutely nothing that proves that it’s was Naira fans that attack Ruggedman .
This is just not necessary.”

@therealdaddymo, “Pamilerin gets slapped by Peruzzi over an old tweet. Peruzzi gets crucified/sentenced by a panel of Twitter judges & everyone else? Ruggedman gets beaten up by Naira Marley fans in London & suddenly he deserves it because of what he did to Naira Marley?”

@efikedimkara, “Guys, Naira Marley fans attack Ruggedman in London.This is the generation of youths Nigeria is raising, youths who assault you for speaking against crime. We’re doomed.”

@flairamali, “Plot twist,RuggedMan pays boys to ‘beat’ him up and put it up on social media..He gets free publicity, pity and Naira Marley is seen as the bad guy.”