Nigerian Lady shares conversation with her cab guy who wants to eat her ‘kinni’

A angry Nigerian Lady took to Twitter to share a conversation she had with her private cab guy.

Tito who took to her Twitter handle via @TitoOfLagos expressed her anger after her cab guy chose to disrespect her.

Apparently, Tito had shared a photo of her laps on her Whatsapp status to her contact list, when her cab guy replied her with “Can I come and eat your kinni while you stay in bed am sure it will help calm your nerves”

Tito who felt it was disrespectful replied, “Eat whose kini???? Are you mad or something because what the hell is the disrespect for”

The cab guy then replied, “No disrespect intended, just being naught with a friend I so much respect”.

Tito gave him her last words, then blocked the cab driver.

Looks like his services is no longer required.

See the conversation below;


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