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Nigerians spent 22 trillion naira on food in 2019 – Nigerian Bureau of Statistics

Nigerians spent about ₦22.8 trillion on food in 2019, according to a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). This is about 57 per cent of the total spending (N40.2 trillion) by Nigerians for that period. The largest chunk of the food expenditure — ₦4 trillion — was spent on food consumed outside the home, the May 2020 report, which was last released in 2010, showed. This includes food gotten from restaurants, bars, roadside joints, among others.

Starchy roots, tubers (like yam, potatoes etc.) and plantain are the next most consumed food items at ₦2.5 trillion, followed by rice, ₦1.9 trillion and vegetables, ₦1.7 trillion. Ranked among the least bought food items, beverages cost Nigerians ₦296.6 billion; confectioneries accounted for ₦205.5 billion; while they spent ₦150.2 billion on both bottled and can alcoholic drinks. In total, Nigerians spent about 40 trillion naira on food and other expenses in 2019.