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Photo Of Nigerian Man Who Used His House Rent To Buy iPhone For His Girlfriend



A Nigerian man has shocked social media users after he revealed that he used his house rent to buy a brand new buy iPhone for girlfriend.

According to the man identified as Seun, he decided to take the decision out of pure love and adoration for his girlfriend.
Seun revealed he bought the iPhone on his girlfriend’s birthday to impress her.

Apparently, she had threatened to dump him if he failed to purchase the phone for her.
Feeling like the perfect boyfriend, Seun then decided to take the money meant to settle his rent and bought the phone for his babe.

He wrote:
“It was her birthday. She insisted I must get her a new iPhone X or she calls it quits. Out of love, I used the money for my rent to get her the phone. I have just today to pay my rent.

His followers however didn’t take it lightly as some wondered if he was truly in his right senses.