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Photographer gets “redressed” at the church she was supposed to do a shoot (Pictures)

The Mountain of Fire Ministry has little tolerance for “Indecent dressing”. A female photographer learnt this the hard way and has taken to social media to share her experience which was quite hilarious.
According to the young lady, she had gone to MFM for a wedding dressed in a top and trouser but was made to modify her dressing to suit the church’s dress code.

She was allegedly made to tie a wrapper on the trouser she was wearing and wear a different scarf for her head.

She wrote;
”How I prepared to go work Vs How MFM dressed me.
Story: I went to nmudene for this wedding gig. And when I prepared to leave Benin for it, I didn’t really consider the church. So I dressed for it and those people weren’t having it, so they clothe me.”