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See What Nigerian Man Did With Lady Who Snubbed Him 35 Years Ago At The University



A Nigerian man recently shared a hilarious and intriguing story about how he finally got to dance with the lady who snubbed him during their university days. According to him, the lady who was a pretty sight to behold at the time in OAU shunned his offer for a dance during an event.

However, with the help of his colleagues, he got to have his ‘Restitution Dance’ 35 years later. The man identified as Ope Banwo II on Facebook thrilled many Nigerians to his story of how he got to finally have a much awaited dance.

According to him, during his university days at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), he had a crush on a very rich and pretty lady called Dayo Awotesu. During an off-campus party, he asked her to dance with him but she refused.
See Ope’s post below:

Given his poor status and bad sense of fashion, he did not expect any less from her. 35 years after that day, Ope bumped into Dayo again.

See facebook comments below:
His other colleagues who were now rich and famous also witnessed the reunion of Ope and Dayo, and there and then, it was decided that there would be a reunion party to celebrate the Unife Law Class Of 1985. At the party, there would also be a restitution dance between Ope and Dayo.

After having rejected him once, Dayo agreed this time. In anticipation for the dance, Ope sharpened his dancing skills with the help of his young daughter. Then, on the big day, he had a swell time rocking the dance floor with his university crush.
Many Nigerians reacted to this amazing story.
Well, things like this happen a lot. While in school, people tend to look down on their mates, especially when they don’t like or are not interested in those people. But with time, after school, things change and get better. Our perspectives about life also change because we become more mature and responsible.

Some men also become rich and all the ladies who used to look down on them will begin to respect and give importance to them years after graduation.