Seun Kuti Challenges Wizkid FC Once Again

The saying ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ doesn’t apply to Seun Kuti as he drags Wizkid FC once again.

Following the bashing, he received from Wizkid’s fan base and the shade Wizkid threw directly at him, Seun Kuti has returned to challenge the entire squad.

This time, he’s daring Wizkid Fc to prove their love for Wizkid by going to Shitta (Surulere) to build a primary school in Wizkid’s name.

According to Seun Kuti, Wizkid Fc are nothing but Paul Harris Children, the man who founded the humanitarian organization popularly known as Rotary. He made it know that he won’t trade words with them till they prove their significance by building a primary school in Shitta.

Seun Kuti added that Wizkid FC have nothing to show for their love for Wizkid, unlike his Black House FC who are majorly invested in Football and have found ways to help develop their community.

Watch the video below



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