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Shocking Body Transformation: How Lady Started NYSC vs How She Ended (Photos)



Ronke Bodamisi, a make-up artiste, beauty expert and marketer of hair products recently completed her compulsory National Youth Service Corp programme in Zaria, Kaduna State and she is documenting how she shed so much weight within 10 months.

As seen in the pictures, the young woman of Yoruba descent started the programme with so much fat which affected her looks and shape but she was able to shed them off due to regular exercise.
Here is her testimony below:

“How I went in VS How I came out !!! The last picture is my favorite, my nysc year was a life changing period for me . I remember how I use to ‘occupy space ‘ in group photos , but now I am normal weight with everybody and I don’t look like anyone’s mother anymore. My journey is 10 months old next week . To every one who inboxed me and I promised them a weight loss class in July , I am sorry . Next one will be in September when I am celebrating my one year journey, so many unfinished businesses to wrap up and deal with . I am really happy with myself and really excited about how far I have come.
#doneanddusted #nysc”
She is celebrating her weight loss feat as well as the completion of her NYSC programme which took place recently. Ronke who runs online businesses has suddenly become an inspiration to full-figured Nigerian women online.