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SHOCKING: Female Doctor Keeps Sperm From Oral Sex With Colleague, To Get Pregnant



Court said a male Doctor must pay child support after his female colleague gave him a blow job and spat out the sperm and used some tool to insert the sperm in her honeypot…
He never knew his colleague had used his sperm to have a baby.
See post below;

A female doctor gave her colleague a blow job and sued for child support years later. It turned out that when the guy came, the female doctor spat out the cum and used some tool to insert the cum in her honeypot and fertilised herself.

Court held that man must pay child support. The man said the woman practised fraud on him. The court then said the sperm was a gift. Cos if it wasn’t, the man would have requested for his sperm back.

They said what the woman did is terrible and all but a child is in the picture and must be taken care of.