Starboyfizzy Death Not Suicide Read The Real Story Of How He Was Killed

Starboyfizzy Death

Starboyfizzy Death Not Suicide Read The Real Story Of How He Was Killed.

Weeks Ago A News Surfaced On The Internet. About An Upcoming Artiste Starboyfizzy Commiting Suicide By Drinking Sniper Due To A Revelation From A Pastor Who Revealed He Wanted To Use His Mother For Rituals .


Well We Can’t Actually Blame The Blogs Who Had The News As They Got Their Source From The Popular Talks.

Aprokonaija Blog Has Made Our Own Investigation Into The Issue ; With Verification From The Sister,Ex Girlfriend And The Record Label.

With Well Looking At The Pictures Of The Artiste You Will Know He Was Living Well And Enjoying His Life,And He Even Own A Bar And Sells Wines And Other Drinks.

And Those Who Know The Artiste So We’ll Will Know That He Likes Enjoyment On A Top Level.

So Who Of Such Would Take His Life Because Of Depression or what ?

According To Facebook Chats Between The Ex Girlfriend And Sister It Was Revealed That The Artiste Phones Was Not Found With Him.

Well Who Commits Suicide And Hide His Or Her Phones By His Or Her Self ?

Also Reaching To The Family ,They Said There Was Nothing Of Such Prophecy,Thou The Words About The Pastor Revealing That The Artiste Was About To Use The Mother For Ritual Spread After A Voice Note Of A Girl Who Still Unknown Recorded The Lies For Reasons Best Known To Her.But Rumour Flies.

But If About The Prophecy Trust Warri Why Have They Not Found Out The Particular Church ?

On A Statement Revealed Some Days Back By The Label It Was Revealed The Artiste Was Never In Any State Of Depression For A Suicidal Option.

Starboyfizzy death


But With Pure Consideration Of Starboyfizzy’s Phones Missing After His Death It Could Be Cleared That The Phone Was Taken By Someone Who Murdered Him And Placed A Snipper Beside Him To Cover Up The Case. (James Bond 007)

As At The Death Of Starboyfizzy The Entire Delta Entertainment Industry Is Still At Shocked As The Artiste Has Done So Much For HimSelf And Had Made A Statement And Above All Was Living Like A Blown Celebrity In His He’s Death Could Only Be Caused By Envyness Or Jealousy From Someone Who Maybe Had Miss Understanding With Him On Maybe Money Related Issues ( Yahoo,Control,Billing)

In Another Statement Realeved Earlier This Morning From The Management Says A Clear Observations Of The Dead Body Of The Artiste One Good See The Marks Of Struggling And Strangling On His Neck.

Starboyfizzy and snipper

Starboyfizzy Maybe Dead And Can Not Speak Out For HimSelf,But A Clear Look At Things Shows He Was Murdered And Not The Other Way Round.


May He’s Soul Rest In Peace.



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