The Day A Female Fan Grabbed My Manhood At A Concert – Actor, Abayomi Alvin Tells Stunning Story

Abayomi Alvin, a rising Nigerian actor, is no doubt a lady’s man and has had a lot of experiences with the female folk.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the graduate of Sociology and Anthropology recounted a weird experience he had with a female fan at a concert.

He said, “I have had a couple of weird experiences with female fans. One time, I was at a concert with some friends and there was this lady that recognised me and came very close to me. It was a noisy environment so you needed to come close in order to hear what anybody was saying. She introduced herself and said she had seen a couple of my films. She also said she sees my post on Instagram and that I have a ‘hot body’. She said she had always wondered how big my crotch was. I thought I did not hear her clearly because of the noisy background. But, she came closer and said, ‘I have always wondered how big your crotch is’. Then, she suddenly grabbed my crotch. That was a really ‘mad’ experience.”

Recalling some of the perks of being an actor that he had enjoyed, Alvin said, “A lot of times, I get singled out in a crowd easily and people help me to do whatever I want to do. Sometimes, I get gifts I did not solicit for. People just appreciate what one does.”

Asked about the challenges of being an actor, he said, “Being an actor in Nigeria in itself is a challenge. At first, the challenge was about getting roles, and that is normal for every actor, especially when one is just starting out. However, I thank God for where I am today. Now, there are times that my whole month is booked in advance. Another challenge is that the creative industry in Nigeria is still growing, so the pay is still a huge challenge. We need to find a way to make that pay rise. I feel if the guilds such as actors’ guild, screenwriters’ guild, directors’ guild are functional, they can always fight for their members.”


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