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Who broke the family?”

  • Woman mistakenly gets pregnant for man she slept with as payback for her husband’s infidelity


A woman has reportedly gotten pregnant by mistake for the man she slept with as a rebound over her husband’s cheating ways.

According to social media reports, the husband had cheated on his wife, but rather than leave him, she decided to repay him by also cheating.

Sadly, the woman ended up getting pregnant for the man she cheated on her husband with leading to chaos in the family.

A Twitter user @abdool_kadeer shared the story on the microblogging platform.

He wrote; ”A man cheated on his wife and the wife cheated back for revenge…unfortunately she got pregnant by another man.

Who broke the family?”

The incident sparked reactions on social media with some taking the woman’s side and others being saying she was wrong for cheating in return.


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