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Wizkid Made A Total Mess Of DJ Tunez’s New Song; “Gbese,” He Needs To Rediscover His Music Form



After DJ Tunez dropped a new jam, “Gbese” featuring Wizkid , there were a lot of reactions from music fans regarding the continuous similarity with his sounds.

In as much as “Gbese” sounds a cool jam to a section of music consumers, some people are still having issues with the fact that Wizkid recycles lyrics as well as melody and tune.

A lot of people are criticizing the record, saying it is thrash and a song that is totally out of place. They say at every given opportunity presented to them that they are tired of Wizkid dishing out the same music to different people at every chance he gets with a lot of repetitive words coming through in most of the songs.

In the song; “Gbese,” there are even some lyrics that are found totally unrelatable, weak and appalling, they are neither sang in English or any language that seems to exist around the universe (this is not the first time he would be doing such though), bringing me to a conclusion that Wizkid disregards his very loyal fans which then allows him to continue to dish out feeble and lazy materials.

In conclusion, the song sounds quite interesting and utterly meaning to some (his die-hard fans) who have heard it but to me, it is devoid of good arrangement, good melody and decent lyrics.

However, you might have a different opinion to what i have of the song and that’s why i have created the chance for you to air your opinion through the question below.

What do you think of the song,
Gbese,” by DJ Tunez Ft Wizkid? Do you think it’s a well composed song or a mess that Wizkid put together to cause serious hazard to the ears of music fans?
Written by Taiwo Oluwafemi